Net-ing Bargains on Golf Equipment

If it sounds like insanity to pay $500 for a driver from an upper-end brand name, don’t worry, because you don’t have to. The Internet abounds with opportunities for golfers to find good discounts on golf equipment. Buying direct from a manufactures saves you the wholesaler’s and retailer’s profit that you would otherwise be paying. And an online store that sells clubs from a number of manufacturers still can offer good deals, because the company is not paying for the cost of a brick and mortar location. The big brand name manufacturers spend a fortune on advertising, promotion, sponsorship of golf events, etc. All these costs find their way into what you end up paying for the clubs. A golf club really doesn’t cost that much to manufacture. It has simple components and simple assembly. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find bargains on golf clubs.

To enjoy these great Internet savings, you just have to get used to a new way of shopping for clubs. Golfers used to visit a sporting goods store or golf pro shop, look over the various kinds of clubs, then choose several to try out and get the feel for the club (most stores had an indoor net to hit balls into). With Internet shopping, you can’t physically touch the club until you pay for it and have it delivered. This can cause some anxiety for golfers shopping online. It’s one thing buy a dozen golf balls that way, but club selection is normally a more personal, individualistic experience. There is the alternative of course of visiting a retail store, looking at clubs and then going home and ordering the ones you want from an online discounter.

Demo Clubs and Clones

One online service has managed to bridge the gap between the retail store and the Internet store. This company allows you to “demo” clubs in your home. You don’t have to visit a store to try clubs out. They deliver them right to your door. You pay a modest demo fee, and then select a demo clubs from an online list of thousands, including those from top club manufacturers. Your selections are delivered free via FedEx 2 day-air. You can try out your clubs for up to 5 full days. Then you ship the demo clubs back in a box and with a label the company provides. If you want to purchase the clubs, you can apply the demo fee you paid and buy the clubs. This site has an Advantage Club, with members-only special offers and discounts via mail and e-mail, as well as advance notice of upcoming specials.

If you have a good idea what clubs you are looking for, and are ready to purchase, a good site to visit is The Golf Warehouse. This site lets you select the price range you prefer, and then see what clubs or sets of clubs are available. You can also make selections by brand name manufacturer. They also sell shoes, apparel, accessories and custom-made clubs.

Find lots of bargains on the Internet for discount golf clubs, equipment, and clothes.

Acer C720P – Pros and Cons

Chromebook is an innovative concept presented by Google. Its appearance is comparable to an Ultrabook, but minus the power computing available. These notebooks or laptops are trendy and compact. They are also manufactured by a number of firms. Acer C720P is just one of these. Chromebooks are introductory laptop computers, offered for a good deal. The quality of build along with the design is intended to sport an easily transportable, classy and smooth laptop experience.

The primary characteristics of this model is presence of the brand new Chrome operating system. This operating system is anticipated to be incredibly safe and Google has publicly challenged cyber hackers to crack and hack their system. Even so, with a minimal storage capacity and insufficient apps available in the market, a number of people might not exactly feel at ease with it. The C720P Chromebook can be purchased at a reduced price of $299.99.


1. It is equipped with a secure and user-friendly operating system.

Google Chrome, the OS set up inside C720P, has become the most secure operating system available in the market today. Google was able to continue the good work when it comes to security and safety. The graphical user interface or the GUI of the Google operating system is really simple and gives people an excellent computer experience. The control interface is comparable to that of Android.

2. It carries a long lasting battery life.

This Chromebook is the most recent and the most enhanced processor architecture of Intel. Haswell micro architecture is the replacement to the Ivy Bridge architecture of Intel that is developed to minimize power usage efficiently. Having an Intel Celeron 2955U as the notebook processor, the Acer Chromebook does offer a great battery backup. Customers state that based on their experience, the laptop battery lasts about seven hours, which is decent. The OS, as well, does not deplete a lot of power since it is lightweight.

3. It is virus-free.

The Google Chrome OS is created throughout the Linux center, and these devices are not easily cracked. As opposed to the Windows OS, the Linux models are generally free from virus and malware. The same goes with the Chromebook. Using the C720P model, an individual probably will not feel the necessity of setting up security computer software to safeguard the system.


1. It lacks apps.

The brand new Google Chrome operating system possesses almost everything inside it, aside from a single little matter. That is the applications. This model drags behind its rival operating systems with regards to applications. A lot of these apps are not found in the Google PlayStore. By itself, this could be fairly unsatisfactory.

2. It has poor Wi-Fi reception.

Several users have observed an odd issue of Wi-Fi reception in the C720P Chromebook of Acer. The reason is a serious system driver failure. The WLAN driver is apparently the culprit and Acer offers remedies for this.

3. It holds a minimal storage capacity.

This Acer Chromebook only features a solid state drive containing a 32 gigabyte memory, which is apparently inadequate for a netbook. Google must have thought of affixing a hard disk drive at the same time. Even with the SSD’s minimal memory, the device is really fast. This device gets to be yet another tablet with an attached keyboard.

RV’s And Campers

Motorhomes, also referred to as RVs or recreational vehicles, have greatly increased in popularity in recent years and are an excellent way to experience comfortable road travel. Unlike a commercial vehicle, RVs have full power steering and automatic transmission. Motorhomes offer excellent performance for their size and weight with diesel power for the majority of vehicles today, offering excellent fuel efficiency.

RV’s and Motorhomes are the ideal form of travel for those who like to spend their vacation time going camping in the mountains, running on the beach, or sightseeing along the highways and byways.

Motorhomes are a popular way to follow sporting events around the world, they are also ideal for shows and events, where you can be on-site close to all the action yet with your luxurious home-from-home there with you.

A motorhome is the ideal family vehicle, the driver’s compartment is connected to the cabin so that, even on the road, your whole family is together. Fully-equipped with a toilet, hot shower, air-conditioning, water tank plus a small kitchen including fridge, stove and oven, giving you complete freedom and flexibility.

Motorhomes usually have a 240 volt power inlet which can be hooked up to power the larger appliances such as air conditioners and microwaves. The on-board fresh water tank holds approximately 120 litres and will last between two and four days before it needs refilling.

Motorhomes are easy to drive but different to a car, Take things at a steadier pace and try to anticipate braking and cornering to make the journey more comfortable and reduce the number of complaints from the navigators.

Motorhomes have limited through-vision and some none at all so you soon start to rely on the mirrors. Small coastal and country roads get congested during the holiday periods and you have to be more aware of narrow bridges and roadside hedges as the motorhome is wider than a normal car.

Motorhomes, or motorized recreational vehicles (RVs), come in different classes.
Van campers, also known as Class B motorhomes, are basically small RVs created from a standard conversion or mini van and usually feature a raised roof. These motorhomes are the least expensive RVs to own and operate, and are generally also the easiest to drive around town as well as on the highway.

The size of a Class B RV usually varies from 16 feet to 21 feet, it gets you on the road to adventure in a compact size that’s fun and easy to drive, for a price ranging between $33,000 to $75,000.

Class A motor homes are generally thought of as top of the line among RVs. As the largest and most elaborate of the RVs, similar in stature to a bus, this class is, of course, the most expensive, with some sporting sticker prices in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Depending on the model and floor plan, Class A RVs will sleep up to 8 people. But a decent used Class A motorhome can usually be found for below the hundred thousand dollar mark or so.
All RVs are incredibly well insulated, and because they’re only small compared to, say, a house, keeping them warm or cool is a cinch.
The quality and appointments of RVs continue to improve, with owners realising they can travel with all of the luxuries of home.

There’s one way to check out motor homes before you choose one to buy, and that’s by renting several and taking them on trial runs.

It’s a good idea to rent different models from different manufacturers to see what features you like, what you don’t like, and how the models handle on the road and in the campground. Then you can make a more informed decision when you purchase a motor home. Check out your local area for the best deals on renting.

So, whatever model you choose just have fun and enjoy!

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